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There is nothing better that reaching into the mailbox and  amidst the flyers and bills, out slides what is clearly a handwritten note. You haven't even opened it, and you feel a warm smile coming on.

So many people tell me they have trouble knowing what to say or write in a card. They even have difficulty selecting a card. 

May I assure you, there is no need to be indecisive when it comes to this.  Ask yourself?  Have you ever been disappointed when someone took the time to reach out to you on your birthday, anniversary, engagement, celebration ( insert occasion here ) ! I think not. 

So, if you keep that in mind when making your selection, just remember how you felt. Do not fret about it being the right one. It is always the "write" one. Even for those difficult messages of condolence or illness. A hand written note will always be appreciated. 

Here are a few tips to use when setting the pen to paper: write three things -

  • I have been thinking of you 
  • remembering the time we ......
  • celebrating you and your great achievement
  • sharing my deepest condolences at your loss
  • I am grateful for your friendship
  • thank you for the (        ) it is just perfect
  • wishing you the very best
  • looking forward to getting together again
  • keeping you in my thoughts
  • that was so much fun
  • you're awesome 

This is a mixed bag of suggestions, but the point again is not to worry about what to say. Just say it, keep it short, and sign off. A few words will go a long way.

Know your message will be most appreciated. GUARANTEED 

In future posts I will break it down into more details, for more specific occasions, but in the meantime, just send the note.

To get you started, I have included a link to the entire greeting card selection 




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  • I love keeping in touch with friends and family. Not just over the holidays. But, it does take a bit of effort. You have to nurture it. Sending a note or card once in awhile goes a long way.


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