To honour and mark the birthday of one of the greatest artists of all time, LEONARDO DA VINCI.  Unesco declared April 15th World Art Day in 2012. It is a celebration to encourage the development, distribution, and enjoyment of art on this day annually.

Art encourages creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity for individuals all over the world, and it plays a vital role in information exchange, curiosity, and discussion. These are the attributes that art has had and always will continue to have if we continue to support conditions that protect artists and artistic freedoms.

  • Art inspires a desire to learn and be creative
  • Art increases concentration
  • It promotes emotional intelligence
  • Helps establish communities by breaking down barriers, racial stereotypes, and religious barriers 
  • Boosts self esteem
  • Stimulates the senses and allows you to see things in a new way

Art is a popular hobby for so many people, and some 2 million people earn a living as artists in North America. Writers, designers, animators, graphic artists, painters, dancers, fashion designers, theatre artists, film makers, sculptors, photographers, musicians, and in my business, greeting card designers. 

While most of us go about our usual day, let's reflect on the influence art has on our entire society, appreciate and give thanks.

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