The "Bonnie Brae", the "Eureka", the "Lisbon" & the "Femminello St. Teresa" are not necessarily the first thing you think of when contemplating a lemon. But they are of the several varieties offered from this delightful yellow fruit. 

The little lemon is a major source of vitamin C and contains numerous phytochemicals ( things that are good for you ) . 

The juice of the lemon is used for our favourite drinks, desserts, and marinades. The peels are preserved and can be found in sumptuous dishes all over the world.

And then there is lemon oil: used to enhance a variety of products, edible and non. Including aromatherapy. 

The leaves are used to make tea and for preparing cooked meats & seafoods. 

And, we just love looking at them. The imagine of a lemon, represents freshness, happiness, reminders of good times. Which is probably why the images are used so often in art, music, and home goods. 

Click here to see the lemon oyster shell trinket dish offered in the shop



an oyster shell decorated with a lemon fruit image


  • I’m absolutely obsessed with baggu products. Truly! I always get them from Kelly Lewis because we have very limited selections here. I am hoping one day to get the little pouch for iPods. My daughter has one and I love it. I’m on the hunt!

  • Love Baggu! These prints are so cute!

    Kristin Lockwood
  • I love the Baggu shopping bags. I’ve had some for years now and they look like new and wash like a dream. I get compliments on them all the time. I just bought the new 3 pack which includes the lemon print and they might become the new favourites ❤️

    Sarah Horton
  • By far the best local shop for baggu!

  • A new baggu collection has me looking forward to summertime and using these new vibrant fruit prints to hold onto fresh summertime fruit. Looking forward to sunshine and lemonade!


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