Jessica Williams is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. She obtained her MFA from Columbia University in New York , NY. Her BFA from the Rhode Island School of design, in Providence, RI. 

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley by LA, she loved art from a very early age. Not remembering a time when she didn't draw. She and her family would paint and do ceramics. Her parents encouraged her, and she had a memorable art teacher in middle school. She decorated her art studio with Frida Kahlo posters and talked with her often about art.

She attended the LA County High School for the Arts, in which you had to choose a major and hers was to be visual art. Half the day was spent in art class: painting, figure drawing, and printmaking. She later won a painting prize which gave her more confidence as an artist. She then went on to study painting and art history at RISD and Columbia.

 Her paintings invent narratives to explore themes of transformation, regeneration, and memory. She works from observations from her immediate environment as well as from photo-based and art historical references. She is interested in the relationship between nature and humanity, remembering and forgetting, desire and dreams.

I am very excited that she has collaborated with Baggu to present a dreamscape of imagery collaged with figments of magic and reality. 

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  • i love this baggu collab!

  • What a fun new piece! Loved her exhibit

  • Wow, the colours are beautiful and really pop, can’t wait to get my hands on one!


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