Sure Baggu is a bag company, but isn't a sock just a knitted bag for your foot? The first socks were made from leather or matted animal hair if you can believe it. As far back as 8th century BC Greece. Okay we have come a long way since then. There is now an established etiquette to matching socks to pants and shoes.

Here's the drill:

  • match your socks to the colour of your shoes, but the sock should be one shade lighter than the shoe. 
  • match trousers to the colour of the socks but the trousers should be one shade lighter
  • or, do what ever gives you pleasure. They are your socks & your feet so how  you feel is the most important part. Right?

More and more socks are being made from sustainable, ethically resourced materials and manufactured under ethical labour standards. Let's give a shout out to Baggu for doing just so. 

In conclusion, wear what you want, there are no hard fast rules, and select a sock supplier that cares about our world. 

You can find Baggu socks and Baggu reusable bags in the shop! To see more from Baggu just click here 

a lime coloured sock with bright embroidered flowers on a person wearing a vintage running shoe a smiling woman sitting on the floor reaching to her toes showing aa peach coloured pair of socks with vintage happy faces on them in a darker colour



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  • I bought the fun and beautiful wild daisy Baggu socks and mailed them off to my aunt in Calgary! Perfect thing to mail because they fit through the mailbox slot! She will love them!

    Janet Gray

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